Lorraine Buerkie Gyan
Graduation Class: 1993
Mrs. Lorraine Gyan is a seasoned administrator with over fifteen (15) years of work experience in higher education. She wields a comprehensive portfolio spanning from working with both teaching and non-teaching staff and students, and has an in-depth understanding of the administration and management of academic institutions and student services. Prior to being appointed the Registrar, she was the Director of Administration and Coordinator at UPSA where she developed and enforced administrative policies in compliance with the University’s policies. She served as Deputy Registrar at the School of Graduate Studies-(SOGS) and was responsible for all administrative issues of the school, as well as coordinating the activities and the strategic initiatives of the School. Mrs. Gyan has risen through the ranks, serving in various capacities as Senior Assistant Registrar, Deputy Director of Human Resources (HR), Deputy Director of Administration, Senior Assistant Registrar of Administration and Assistant Registrar in charge of Human Resources. She has also served on various committees such as Secretary of the Administration Committee and Board Medical Committee, Health and Environment, Development Committee, Procurement and Projects Advisory Committees. Mrs Gyan also served as a member of the Registry Appointment Committee, End of Year Planning Committee, Congregation Planning Committee and the Student Affairs Committee. Before her time at UPSA, she worked as a Marketing and Customer Relations Officer (Parts), Credit Control Officer and Sales Administrator at Toyota Ghana Limited. She holds an MBA in Human Resources Management, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology & Management from the University of Ghana. A Graduate Diploma in Marketing from the Institute of Professional Studies (IPS). Mrs Gyan is a distinguished member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ghana (MCIMG), the Chartered Institute of Human Resource Management (CIHRM), and the Ghana Association of University Administrators (GAUA).