Philip Owiredu
Position: Managing Director
Institution: CalBank

Philip Owiredu is an alumnus of IPS, now UPSA. He is a Chartered Certified Accountant with varied experience in banking, auditing, accounting and consultancy and has been in general management working in the banking sector for 15 years.

Prior to becoming the Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director of Cal Bank, Philip rose through the ranks from Financial Controller upon joining the Bank in December 2004 from KPMG, to Executive Director and Chief Finance Officer (ED & CFO). As the Executive Director, his responsibilities included ensuring the provision of optimal support to all the business and operational functional areas of the Bank, implementing the relevant key performance goals under his purview.

He also led the development and monitoring of the Bank's strategic plan and its direction and raising medium to long term funding, mostly from the development financial institutions, to support the asset portfolio of the Bank. Philip also had responsibility for the overall financial management of the Bank, ensuring adherence to regulatory and statutory requirements.